1. Noun (plural): a herbaceous plant with hairy stems, pink or purple flowers, and disc-shaped fruit.

Origin: Old English meal(u)we, from Latin malva , related to Greek malakhe.

2. Noun: a premium, artisan gin range crafted by two generations of master distillers designed to challenge the status quo in gin drinking.

Origin: Proudly Welsh.


Gin enthusiasts aged 25-40 with life and career aspirations. Status is as important as income. We are curiously connected to nature.
Live life to the full and are discerning about how they spend their time and who with.

Not afraid to be different and are willing to discover new trends, products and experiences through experimentation.
Independent, confident and self-assured. Never judgmental.
Intelligent, open minded and progressive political and social views.

Dresses well with an emphasis on understated elegance rather than the latest trend.
Eclectic musical taste based on connection with lyrics rather than popularity.
A curious, creative approach to learning.


Mallows Gin drinkers are driven by their desire to experience a more exciting, meaningful and fulfilling life.
They are curious and excited about what nature and the world around them have to offer and are comfortable living in the moment.
They crave fresh opportunities and experiences and can become bored of experiences that fail to excite or connect with them.


Mallows drinkers crave excitement and never settle for average. Luckily so do the team behind Mallows Gin.
Innovation in a competitive category takes lateral thinking, curiosity and above all an extensive knowledge of taste and the distilling process.