Mallows Beverages brings its
very first spirit to the market: The Original Rummers.
The rum brand has been created in partnership with Dutch Rum specialist – Scheer and aims to bring a new premium range of rums, with strong Dutch heritage,
to the international market.

Here is a glimpse into our insight for the range, and the character that we have built for our Rummers...


BRAND MISSION - To take super premium rum to the discerning while telling a true story revealing Dutch's pivotal role in rum history

PERSONALITY - Intelligent, inspired by knowledge and intrigue. Discerning and curious.

BRAND VISION - A global, premium Dutch rum brand which consumers covert, seek out and feel satisfyingly justified in paying more.

TERRITORY- A small collection of coveted premium rums, impeccably made that taste of Dutch origin.

CORE VALUES - Modern, super-premium, quality, luxuriously-exclusive and made using ancient Dutch techniques and know-how