The Original Rummers, as seen in The Food & Drink Checklist 2021 - The Sunday Times Magazine

Mallows Family Distillery & Bottling are thrilled to announce that they are featured in The Food & Drink Checklist, Sunday Times Magazine on Sunday 12th December 2021. 

The article, listing this year’s Christmas must-haves, showcases our brand new premium rum range, The Original Rummers. 

The story of the making of the Rummers range is one of the unity of the old World with the new.

There are two key elements that run through the heart of the brand:

  1. Andrew and Rhys Mallows, the father and son team behind Mallows Family Distillery & Bottling, wanted to acknowledge the history of rum being brought to the market whilst creating a premium rum experience with a variety of modern, invigorating flavours that assemble the Rummers range.
  2. Andy and Rhys also wanted to shift the narrative of rum - from one that categorised the drink as a spirit that was to be exclusively mixed into a cocktail to one that places the emphasis on enjoying the taste, feel and provenance of the spirit, to be relished neat, over ice or with a paired mixer. 

The Rummers brand itself is a toast to the sailors who discovered and introduced rum to the market in the 17th century. Rummers was the name given to the large and heavy goblets that were used by the sailors when tasting the rum, which became synonymous with rum itself.  

The Original Rummers range includes: 

  • Our signature Golden Rum, a three year old Caribbean rum that has been rested in American Oak barrels for a smooth vanilla profile.
  • Our Pineapple Rum, with a light and delicate infusion of fresh pineapple.
  • Our Banana Rum, with notes of fresh, just-ripe bananas, toasted vanilla and caramel.
  • Our Spiced Rum, with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, orange zest and caramel.
  • Our Citrus & Sea Salt Rum, with notes of lemon, lime and orange zest.

The Food & Drink Checklist, exclusive to The Sunday Times Magazine, are currently offering 20% off of any purchase made across our Rummers collection, using discount code: RUMMERS20 to be applied at checkout. 

This offer is redeemable throughout December via our website,, as well as with our stockists, Master of Malt and Amazon