A straight talking, modern bourbon, born in America and raised in South Wales.

Much like its namesake, the heart and centre of the Mallows-Parry family, Charlie Parry's Whiskey and Bourbon Co creates inspiring, loveable bourbon drinks. This exceptional yet humble and grounded selection of spirits and liqueurs is the result of two generations paying homage to the family patriarch himself - a proud Welshman and above all, a proud family man.

Like Charlie, the bourbon ages with distinction and character. This is a bourbon that goes beyond tradition. It is destined for greatness and designed for drinking straight up, on the rocks, in a high ball, mixed...however you like. There are no rules here. Charlie just want's you to be happy.


Traditional - An aromatic and delicate bourbon, with characteristics of sweet vanilla, caramel and hints of toffee, giving a long finish and sweetness that will make you want just another shot.

Summer Berry - A summer day in a glass with ripe berries infused into our signature bourbon.

Apple - Fresh ripe green apples combined with our signature bourbon to give a deliciously ripe and fresh bourbon.

Chocolate - Our signature bourbon combined with dark chocolate to give a sweet, rich, decadent flavour with a little bitterness.

Coffee - Cold brew coffee, blended with our signature bourbon to give a super smooth and creamy taste.

Honey - By appointment of the Queen (Bee)! Home grown honey drizzled perfectly into our signature bourbon to give a pure sweetness.

Cinnamon Fire - A hot and spicy twist on our signature bourbon - serve hot or cold, it will warm you up from the inside out!


AMERICAN BORN - Stored in virgin American oak barrels for 3 years at 125 proof. We char the inside of the barrels to release the sweetness and colour. This is called the 'dragon blowing flames into the barrel'.

WELSH RAISED - Carefully shipped to Wales. We then add Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water) and take to bottling strength (40% ABV). This is what we call raising the Bourbon in Wales.