A Father & Son business

Our Story

The background to our Mallows family Distillery

An old head and the exuberance of youth

Myself and my father, Andy, started Mallows Family Distillery with the aim of creating a truly remarkable distillery in the heart of Wales. We've worked together in the sector over a number of years, developing our knowledge and passion.

Developed in-house

Our brands

Our team have developed a selection of brands in-house which make up the current Mallows Family Distillery collection. From our aged Bourbon, Charlie Parry’s, to our range of Mallows Gin flavours - we're innovating and developing as the business grows.

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Welsh born & bred

Our Distiller searches for the finest botanicals, fruit and ingredients to go into our award winning products. No expense is saved to create our brands.

Each and every one of our batches is distilled with pride.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Our team here at Mallows Family Distillery are passionate about working alongside other businesses. Whether that's white-labelled products or wholesale orders, our team are here to discuss any partnerships or collaborations you may have in mind.