Distilled with pride and heritage

Made by the Curious for the Curious.

Take a look through our collection of Bourbons, Rums and Gins. Familiarise yourself with the distinctive flavours of the Mallows brand.

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A bit about us at Mallows Distillery

Our family distillery, a dream of father & son

Distilling and making great tasting products is in my blood.

I've grown up in the Spirits Industry, and have a passion for the sector - from a very early age I worked alongside my father.

Once I completed my degree, I joined him full-time and we have developed a special relationship. Not only as father & son, but now as business partners.

Slowly I am trying to educate him, but I have also learnt a lot from his experience!

I am excited to put our passion for the spirits industry to use and to share our artisan products with you.

Cheers, Rhys.

We can also produce YOUR brands!

A wealth of experience across the entire Spirits Industry, Mallows Bottling offers a complete service package, from new product concepts to producing and storing under bond.

We can deliver on any shape and size of bottles, from 5cl to 3 litres, and we certainly like a challenge.

With over 300 global awards behind us, we have a wealth of experience to deliver a World Class Service.

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