Rummers Spiced Rum 70cl - 35% ABV


Rummers Spiced Rum is a celebration of the warm and inviting allure of spiced rum. It captures the essence of well-balanced spices, warmth, and sweetness, transforming them into a delightful spirit that's perfect for sipping or mixing into creative cocktails. Whether used to enhance classic mixed drinks or savoured on its own, Rummers Spiced Rum offers a taste of timeless sophistication and the pure pleasure of spiced rum perfection. It's a spirited journey to a place of rich flavours and comfort, captured in every bottle.

Rummers Spiced Rum pours into the glass with a warm and inviting amber hue, reminiscent of polished mahogany. Its clarity is exceptional, glistening with a rich and captivating brilliance.

As you bring the glass to your nose, a tantalising medley of aromas unfolds. The initial impression is one of warm and inviting spices, with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves taking the forefront. Beneath the spice, there's a subtle hint of vanilla and a touch of caramel, adding depth and complexity to the bouquet.

Upon the first sip, the palate is enveloped by a rich and velvety combination of spices and sweetness. Rummers Spiced Rum's signature spiciness is front and centre, offering a harmonious balance of warmth and complexity. The mouthfeel is smooth and luxurious, akin to indulging in a well-crafted dessert.

As the rum evolves on the mid-palate, the spices continue to shine. There's a delightful interplay between the warmth of the spices and the underlying sweetness. Notes of vanilla enhance the overall experience, while a hint of toasted oak adds depth and intrigue.

The finish is long-lasting and satisfying, with the spiced sweetness lingering on the palate. As the spiciness gradually subsides, a touch of caramel remains, offering a delightful and memorable conclusion. The finish is both comforting and inviting, encouraging another sip.

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