Diesel Coch from Mallows Beverages and contract bottler

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Diesel Coch, Mallows Beverages' standout creation that's turning heads and tantalising taste buds across Wales and beyond! Launched just 18 months ago, Diesel Coch has quickly become a sensation, thanks to its innovative packaging, bursting with strawberries and raspberries. As we embark on an exciting journey, we're thrilled to share our partnership with the iconic Welsh Whisperer, a leading celebrity within the Welsh community, to elevate Diesel Coch to new heights.

**Unveiling Diesel Coch: A True Welsh Marvel**
Diesel Coch is more than just a drink; it's an experience. Our innovative packaging design ensures it catches your eye, whether you spot it in a lively bar or on the shelves of your favorite retail store. The vibrant red can promises a taste adventure, and Diesel Coch delivers on that promise with a burst of strawberries and raspberries in every sip.

**Versatility Redefined: From Shots to Cocktails**
What makes Diesel Coch truly unique is its versatility. Whether you're in the mood for a quick shot that packs a punch, a refreshing long drink over ice with lemonade, or a creative cocktail, Diesel Coch is your go-to choice. The possibilities are as exciting as the Welsh Whisperer's storytelling!

**Simply Enjoy, Courtesy of Mallows Beverages in South Wales**
Crafted with care and expertise by Mallows Beverages in the heart of South Wales, Diesel Coch invites you to simply enjoy the moment. Rhys, our Joint MD, expresses his delight in working with the Welsh Whisperer to grow Diesel Coch's brand awareness and bring it into the hands of consumers across the country.

**How to Get Your Hands on Diesel Coch:**
Fuel your excitement by getting Diesel Coch delivered straight to your door. You can find it online on both Amazon and the Mallows Beverages website. Experience the thrill of Diesel Coch and let your taste buds roar with delight!

**Join the Diesel Coch Revolution: #DrinkDifferent**
It's not just a drink; it's a revolution. Join us in celebrating the rebellious spirit of Diesel Coch. Share your Diesel Coch moments using #DrinkDifferent on social media, and let's make Diesel Coch the talk of the town!

Diesel Coch is more than a beverage; it's a journey into bold flavors and exciting experiences. With the Welsh Whisperer by our side, Diesel Coch is ready to conquer new horizons. Order online today, and let Diesel Coch become your new favorite way to enjoy a drink that's as vibrant and dynamic as Wales itself. Cheers to a taste adventure like no other!