Lesley Griffiths comes to site

In the heart of Wales, Mallows Bottling stands as a testament to innovation, sustainability, and unwavering dedication to Welsh roots. With a recent grant from the Welsh Government's Business Innovation and Tourism Escalator scheme, Mallows Bottling has not only expanded its bottling lines but also become a leading force in the global beverage industry.

Mallows Bottling, recognised for its excellence in bottling a diverse range of alcoholic beverages, has successfully secured substantial contracts with leading supermarkets and global brands. The company's recent foray into the Soft Drink category signals a strategic shift towards meeting consumer demands for healthier choices, producing over 60 million bottles for various brands.

Notably, Mallows Bottling boasts a BRC A* accreditation, operating from a cutting-edge 30,000 sq.ft facility built to the highest European standards, thanks to European funds. What sets them apart is the presence of a bonded warehouse on-site, capable of storing up to 2,500 pallets – a rarity in the industry that emphasizes their commitment to efficiency.

With a workforce of 45 individuals, Mallows Bottling actively operates in six global markets, with ambitions to further expand its reach leveraging its expertise in alcoholic beverages. The strategic emphasis on Soft Drinks aligns seamlessly with evolving consumer preferences for a healthier lifestyle.

Beyond business, Mallows Bottling has participated in prestigious events like the Blas Cymru series, showcasing its commitment to excellence and innovation.

The company had the distinct honour of hosting Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Rural Affairs, who officially inaugurated their bottling line. Griffiths praised Mallows Bottling's growth and success since its inception in 2021, highlighting the crucial role played by Welsh Government support.

Rhys Mallows, Joint MD at Mallows, reflects on their journey, emphasizing their pride in establishing the business in Coed Ely. As proud Welsh entrepreneurs, their mission extends beyond profitability, aiming to contribute to Wales's economic prosperity and create sustainable jobs. Mallows Bottling has received invaluable support from Welsh Government programs such as Cywain and the Accelerated Growth Programme, underscoring the collaborative effort that has fueled their remarkable success.

February 04, 2024 — Andy Mallows