Mallows Gin - Welsh Dry 70cl - 40% ABV


Mallows Premium One Shot Welsh Gin with a gentle touch of chamomile is a testament to the art of crafting botanical-infused gins. It captures the essence of chamomile's calming influence, seamlessly blended into a soothing and tranquil gin. Whether enjoyed as a standalone sipper, a key ingredient in botanical cocktails, or as a comforting nightcap, Mallows Premium One Shot Welsh Gin offers a taste of artisanal gin-making and the pure pleasure of a well-crafted chamomile-infused gin. It's a spirited journey to the heart of gin craftsmanship, captured in every bottle.

Mallows Premium One Shot Welsh Gin with chamomile graces the glass with a clear and inviting appearance, allowing its botanical infusion to shine through. Its clarity is remarkable, showcasing the purity of the spirit.

As you bring the glass to your nose, a delicate and soothing bouquet of aromas unfolds. The initial impression is one of soft, floral chamomile blossoms, evoking images of serene meadows. Subtle undertones of citrus zest and a hint of herbal freshness emerge, promising a gentle and aromatic experience.

Upon the first sip, the palate is embraced by a harmonious blend of flavours. Mallows Premium One Shot Welsh Gin with chamomile captures the essence of chamomile's soothing character with a perfect balance of botanicals. The mouthfeel is smooth and comforting, akin to sipping on a cup of herbal tea.

As the gin evolves on the mid-palate, the flavours continue to shine. The chamomile remains the star, complemented by an interplay of subtle citrus notes and a touch of herbal complexity. There's a gentle and calming quality to the gin, creating a multi-dimensional and tranquil flavour profile.

The finish is clean and soothing, with the chamomile flavours lingering on the palate. As the flavours gradually subside, a sense of relaxation and serenity remains, inviting you to savour the experience. The finish is both comforting and inviting, encouraging another sip to relish the gin's gentle character.

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